What Baby Can Do at Birth

There are so many misconceptions about newborn babies.

I am still asked if baby can see or hear at birth!

The answer is a resounding YES! Let’s explore the remarkable skills that babies are born with. Read the list below so that you can rejoice and encourage baby every day.

Feel, taste, and hear

Move arms and legs in play

Cry when in need of something

Enjoy being held and spoken to

See things 8 – 10 inches away

See the human face and black and white contrasts

Look into your eyes while you look into his

Maintain a quiet alert (learning) state for minutes at a time

Look at simple pictures or designs

Lift head to look around

Begin to turn head

Grasp a small object briefly

Make cooing sounds


Turn head to the side to follow an object

Turn head to the side to follow a sound

Reach toward a toy

Show happy and sad feelings by making sounds


Did You Know?

That babies learn everything through their senses?

This means whatever you help him see, hear, touch, move, taste, or smell, he will learn from.

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