No Cry Diaper Changes

Be sure to talk with the baby through the diaper changing experience. Your calm voice will help her know that she is safe with you. Interaction is the most important thing you provide in making this routine a wonderful learning experience.

Remember that the diaper area is very sensitive, partly because it is all located in the midline of the body. Anything in the midline of the body, from head to toe will be an alert area for the central nervous system.


While gently talking with baby, open the blanket slowly. Baby was in a nice warm environment and you just let cold air in! Go slow so that she can adjust to the different temperature.


When baby starts to cry, our first instinct is to speed up and get it over with as fast as possible. This is the worst experience for the baby. Instead, practice slowing down, watching baby’s cues to you, talking her through it gently, and pressing her hands together to midline at the chest long enough for her to recover. Give her a pacifier to suck on and add a lovie as she gets older. Then start again to continue the change.


Don’t be afraid to stop, cover baby back up and hold her in an upright position against you for security. Or, try sitting baby up on the changing table just long enough for the change of scenery to help her mood. Pressing your hands on the bottom of her feet will be stabilizing for her central nervous system.

If nothing seems to work, swaddle her arms, blanket open at the legs, press one hand on her hands at the chest for support, and change the diaper with the other hand.


Diaper rashes are often easy to get rid of. Let baby have some tummy time without her diaper so that fresh air can get to the skin. If you have a sunny spot on the floor to put the tummy time blanket on, that is even better.


Stop using wipes for diaper changes for a day or two and switch to warm water cloths.


I have even dipped a bare bottom in warm water in a sink to keep it rinsed and clean during bouts of diarrhea.


Open blanket slowly, the cold air can shock me!


Conversation with me is the most important thing that you provide.


Slow down or just stop to help me recover, then begin again.


Wait for my cue response.


Talk again.


Press my hands to midline.


Cup your hands around the bottom of my feet.


If all else fails, keep me swaddled around my arms and open at the diaper. Change me swaddled.

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