Music is Marvelous for Baby’s Brain

A baby’s hearing is different from ours. They tune into high frequency sounds and that is why mommy’s singing is very soothing. This is also why babies love lullaby music and classical music, especially Mozart.


A music therapist will tell you that the closest musical instrument to a human voice is a violin string. As much of Mozart’s music features violins, it often is recommended for baby.


Music sounds are processed by the right side of the brain. Baby hears sound, tone and inflection from this right side long before he understands the words. He learns from the sound and tone, so how you sing matters. Baby responds to the love in your voice.


Make music a daily part of baby’s life and he will learn to calm with the repetition and attention. Set up a CD or MP3 player in baby’s room so that it is available to turn on right before sleep and when going from one routine to another. It will also help to calm you. The best time to work on this project is before baby gets here.


The ocean sound from a sound machine is another useful tool for many babies. The repetition of the white noise is calming for the human brain. Use it in baby’s room to act as a barrier to other sounds in the house while baby is asleep. Just remember that each infant is unique. Watch your child to see how he reacts to different kinds of music at different times of the day.

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