Make Feeding an Interactive Experience

Be sure to shift a held baby toward your body for the feeding position. You should be stomach to stomach. His eyes should be able to easily look up at you to make feeding an interactive experience.


Use this time for lots of gazing at each other, talking, waiting for response cues and talking back to baby in reply. This is an interactive process and is called circles of communication. You take a turn, baby takes a turn.


Feeding is a great time for touching baby, massaging toes, rubbing backs.


A baby naturally needs to eat about every three or four hours. If you think about it, adults are encouraged to eat small amounts about that often as well.


Around age three or four months, an infant’s vision increases to be able to see across the room. You may find that baby is much less interested in looking at you and wants to gaze around the room. This is so normal! However, on quiet days it is still important to make feeding time an interactive time between baby and the caregiver.



Did You Know?

Cup your hands around the bottom of  baby's feet to help calm her and stabilize the central nervous system.

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