Essential Development Equipment for Baby

1. Swaddle Blankets

2. Boppy® Pillow for tummy time, floor time and nursing

3. Soothie® Pacifiers

4. A Lovie blanket to hold onto - It is something soothing from home

5. Goodnight Moon Board Book for nightly reading before bedtime

6. Lullaby or Mozart music for daily calm down time in baby’s room

7. Calming white noise sound machine to play all night in baby’s room

8. Rocker chair in baby's room

9. Baby swing for daily “chill out” time

10. Vibrating bouncy seat for a routine “chill out” activity

11. Quilt for fun tummy time, floor time, daily

12. Activity gym for the floor

13. Two or three brightly colored soft toys with prominent eyes for baby to see,  touch, mouth, hold, explore

14. Changing pad table

15. Baby bathtub

16. TOUCHPOINTS book by T. Berry Brazelton, M.D., for a parent rescue resource

17. Itsy Bitsy Yoga book as a resource for fun activities for baby

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