Bedtime Routine Rocks

A repetitive, calming routine is the key to restful sleep for babies. The repetition of a routine tells baby that there are things in his life that he can count on, anticipate, and trust. Utilizing the routine of the same voice, person, time schedule, and activities will give your baby the sense of comfort and security he needs to relax.


SPLISH! SPLASH! Give me a Bath.

If you make bath time something that happens the same time every night, you can help your baby transition to bed time. Give him the spa treatment, and snuggle him up in a dry towel after the bath to help him stabilize his body and calm him down.

See “Soothing Bath” for ideas >


Pajama Mama

If you use footy PJ’s, use them only for night time sleep. Even something as simple as developing a routine for wearing footies will help him learn to associate the comfortable feeling of being all snuggly and warm in his PJs, with sleep time.


SMART Swaddle

Swaddling is a good sleep strategy until the baby is about 5 months old.

See “Swaddling.” >


Got Milk?

Nothing signals that it is bed time more clearly than the last bottle of milk or being breast fed while being rocked gently in a nice quiet spot.


Good Night Moon

Read the same special book to baby every night. Baby will learn to rely on the soothing sound of your voice and the familiar repetition of your words and expression.

See “Read with Baby.” >


A Child’s Gift of Lullabyes

Sing a soft lullaby to calm baby. Lullabies are usually simple and repetitive songs sung in a high frequency that a baby’s brain hears very well. Babies love familiar songs, and they will quickly learn the words.

Read more about “Music.” >


Waterfalls & Ocean Waves

The repetition of white noise, like the sound of the ocean waves or the sound of a waterfall will help to cancel out the other sounds in the house and – lull baby to sleep.






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